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3 Roller Shade Trends You Should Be Watching This Year

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Roller shades are some of the most versatile, and also the most forgotten, window treatments on the market. Their simplicity and ease of use makes them an ideal window treatment for a variety of situations, but their design is far from flashy, and it can be easy to allow them to get lost in the shuffle. Here at Nest Expressions in Wexford, Pennsylvania, we think roller shades deserve a little bit more love, so we have compiled a list of three roller shade trends to keep an eye on this year.

Trend #1: UV Protection

The hottest trend in design this year is multi-purpose décor pieces. Here at Nest Expressions, we believe that, when possible, pieces for your home should be more than just beautiful, they should be functional as well. Roller shades are perfect for this, as their simple construction gives designers a lot of room for innovation. One such innovation is roller shades with UV protection. The Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shade provides the ease and light control you would expect from a roller shade, while also providing protection from UV damage to your home or patio.

Trend #2: Energy Efficiency

Another hot trend in window treatments this year is window treatments that can help save you money on your energy bills. Hunter Douglas’s collection of honeycomb shades are designed to do just that by insulating your home’s windows by trapping air within their specially constructed cells. Now you can combine this incredible innovation with the simplicity of a roller shade with Hunter Douglas’s new Sonnette™ shade. If you want energy efficiency with unparalleled ease, then the Sonnette™ is exactly what you’re looking for.

Trend #3: Motorization

Perhaps the biggest trend in all aspects of home design right now is linking parts of our home with technology. Don’t let your window treatments get left out of all of this excitement! With Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorization system, your roller shades can be even simpler than ever before. Control your roller shades with the press of a button or the tap of a screen with either the Pebble Remote Control or the PowerView® app downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. Control your window treatments from anywhere in your home or anywhere in the world and bring your roller shades firmly into the twenty-first century.

Have these three trends helped you gain a new appreciation of roller shades? If they have, then please contact Nest Expressions today to help find not just the perfect roller shades, but also the perfect top treatments and flooring for your home. Our showroom is located in Wexford, Pennsylvania, but we also proudly serve the surrounding area, including Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township.

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