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shutterstock_268817309Custom window treatments bring style, beauty and quality to your home.

Window treatments are one of the most important aspects of a home’s decor. They are often a focal point in a room. In fact, many professional interior decorators and home stagers choose window coverings before picking the furniture and accessories for the room.

Selecting the right window treatments for your home is very important. If chosen carefully, high-quality blinds and draperies can last a very long time. Although it may be tempting to go with store bought blinds or shades, you will not get the same durability, quality and beauty that you would get with custom-made window treatments.


The majority of off-the-rack window treatments are not designed to be durable. They are often poorly constructed and are not hemmed properly. If these drapes even have a lining, it is usually thin and not high-quality. Custom window treatments, on the other hand, are of exceptional quality. Made with premium materials and durable linings, custom window treatments offer superior looks and durability compared to off-the-rack blinds and drapes.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient window coverings can go a long way towards lowering heating and cooling costs in a home. Unfortunately, most regular window treatments do not help much with energy efficiency.

A custom window treatment, such as Solera by Hunter Douglas is a great choice, providing both energy efficiency and style. These custom window treatments have a unique cellular construction that gives the shade a unique look. The cellular construction of the Solera shade also helps to increase energy efficiency. This will save you money on utilities in the long run and increase the comfort of a room.

Perfect Fit

Most windows are not perfectly square. This makes it difficult when it comes time to select window treatments. Many off-the-rack blinds, shades and draperies do not offer a perfect fit. It is even more of a challenge to find window treatments for oddly shaped windows when shopping at your local home improvement store. When you choose custom made window treatments, a professional installer will come and measure your windows. This ensures that your blind or drapery is a perfect fit for your window.

Personalized Service

If you choose blinds, shades or draperies from your local home improvement superstore, you will probably not receive personalized service. The salespeople are often very busy in these large stores and do not have the time to devote to answering very specific questions about the products that they sell. When you order custom blinds and drapes, you will work with a personalized sales assistant who will help you choose the best product for your home. They will assist you with the best design choices for your space.  Contact Nest Expressions for a free personalized consultation for custom window treatments today.

Custom window treatments offer a number of advantages compared to off-the-shelf shades and blinds. Give your home a stylish, sophisticated with customized window treatments.