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Area Rug Ideas to Brighten up Your Living Room

Because of their size and their often very complex designs, area rugs are both alluring pieces of décor and some of the more challenging pieces to work with. Here at Nest Expressions in Wexford, Pennsylvania, we don’t want you to feel daunted by the idea of styling with area rugs, so we have compiled a list of tips to help you incorporate them seamlessly into your living room.

Tip #1- Work from the ground up

As mentioned previously, area rugs can be very large, and in many cases have very intricate designs or patterns on them. With that in mind, we recommend building a room around an area rug instead of trying to bring an area rug into an already finished room. Because of their complexity, pulling colors or textures from the design of the rug itself can give your room a feeling of holistic completion.

Tip #2- Don’t forget where you are

This rug is going to go in your living room, and so you should always keep the intended use of that space in mind when choosing which rug is going to be right for you. Living rooms tend to get more traffic than other spaces in our homes, and so making sure that the fibers your rug is made of can be easily cleaned is an absolute must, especially if you have children or pets.

Tip #3- Let your flooring share the spotlight

When it comes to area rugs, your choices for size can vary widely, and while it is possible to get an area rug that completely covers the floor of your space, we recommend not doing so. Particularly if you purchased flooring from Nest Expressions, your floor has a lot to add to your space, and can wonderfully complement an area rug. By allowing even just a little bit of your original flooring to peek through, its synergy with your area rug can make your space feel balanced and whole.

Tip #4- Define your space

Many of us live in homes with fairly open floor plans. They’re all the rage right now, but their style can also be uncomfortable if there is not a clear line between separate spaces in your home. One easy way to add a sense of definition is with area rugs. By placing an area rug in the space that you are designating as your living room, you are clearly defining it against other spaces in your home, such as a kitchen or dining room.

Have these tips given you a better idea of how to incorporate an area rug into your living room? If they have, stop by Nest Expressions in Wexford, Pennsylvania to pick up your very own area rug today! We also proudly serve Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township and the surrounding areas.

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