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Breathe Easier | Carpet Myth Debunked

Breathe Easier: Carpet Myths Debunked | Nest ExpressionsA simple google search will direct you to numerous sites that attribute allergy irritation to carpet and suggest that a switch to hard flooring surfaces such as laminate, hardwood, or vinyl will solve your problems. The real problem is that many of these sites are authored by individuals outside of CRI Green Label | Nest Expressionsthe flooring industry who postulate without testing. On the contrary, carpet studies preformed by the Carpet and Rug Institute have indicated that carpet is the best flooring choice for allergy sufferers because it is better at trapping allergens than hard surfaces. Once allergens are trapped in the carpet, they cannot circulate in the air you breathe.

Proper cleaning with a CRI tested and approved vacuum effectively sucks up the dirt and dust from the carpet, locks it in the machine, and keeps it out of the air. In addition, scientific studies now show that carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) into the indoor environment. Carpet has recently been proven to emit less VOCS than Carpet: Breathe Easier | Nest Expressionsother flooring products and wall paint.

Many carpets are now Green Label and Green Label Plus approved, indicating a low emission of VOCS. The Green Label carpet program has had such a positive impact on the indoor environment that the American Lung Association advocates the use of Green Label carpets in its Healthy Homes programs.

Call and ask your Nest Expressions Professional for more information on Green Label and Green Label plus carpeting or schedule a free in-home consultation to have a professional come to your home with samples!