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Bring Carpet Back in 2017 to Your Home

It seems like in the last few years, everyone has replaced the carpet in their home with harder flooring treatments, like hardwood. And while no one can deny the elegance that hardwood brings to a space, it isn’t for every homeowner. Hardwood requires a level of dedication and maintenance that isn’t what everyone is looking for, and doesn’t fit everyone’s style or décor. But, contrary to what you may have seen recently, carpet is making a big comeback this year. Don’t believe us? Let the flooring professionals at Nest Expressions tell you why carpet is a fantastic choice for any homeowner looking to revitalize their home’s flooring in 2017.


Carpet’s biggest draw has not changed in the hundreds of years that it has been incorporated into people’s homes: comfort. There is nothing comparable to the feeling of luxury you get from placing your bare feet onto soft, plush carpet. One thing that has been on-trend in design circles this year is crafting spaces that are not only beautiful, but livable as well, and carpet is the perfect middle space between elegance and comfort. With carpet, you’ll have a house you not only want to look at, but want to live in as well.

Design Options

When you think of carpet, you likely think of the white or cream carpet that many of us grew up with in our parents’ homes, but you can find carpet to match any home or décor. The design options for carpet begin with the arrangement of the fibers. There are the straight fibers of Saxony carpet, which give a space an elegant, formal aesthetic; Textured Saxony and Twist carpets, which are more relaxed and casual with a curled fiber arrangement; and Pattern and Fashion Loop arrangements, which are bold design choices for any room with their more decorative fiber arrangements. And that is just the arrangement of the fibers themselves. From there, carpet comes in a large spectrum of colors, so that whether you want to go for a bold choice or a neutral one, you can find carpet that suits any of your design needs.


If you have a hard flooring treatment in your home, such as hardwood, but find yourself longing for carpet, don’t worry, there is an option for you as well. Capitalize on the comfort and variety of design of carpet without changing out your entire home’s flooring treatment by investing in an area rug. In design this year, style is all about variety, and by having an area rug in a fun pattern or color contrasting with the neutral tone of your existing flooring, any space can become a feast for the eyes. These rugs can become the focal point of any room, but can also serve to complement what is already there. Either way, area rugs allow you to reap the rewards of carpet no matter what kind of flooring your home already has.

Have we convinced you that you should bring carpet back into your home this year? If we have, call and schedule your free in-home consultation or stop by our Nest Expressions gallery in Wexford, Pennsylvania today to get started on finding the perfect carpet for your home. Our showroom is
located in Wexford, but we proudly serve Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township, and the surrounding areas.

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