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Finding Window Treatments to Coordinate with Your Carpeting


When it comes to home décor pieces, it’s hard to find two items more utilitarian than window coverings and flooring. Window treatments are necessary to provide light control and privacy, and flooring is necessary to provide your family with something to walk on. Because of this, it can be easy to forget that these are still pieces of home décor, and can be just as stunning to look at as anything else in your home, particularly when coordinated. Not sure what we mean? Keep reading to learn how to find window treatments to match your carpeting and bring your whole space together.

It’s all about balance

Like most interior design practices, coordinating your window treatments and your carpet is a balancing act. This means that, while they don’t have to match perfectly, one should not overwhelm the other, otherwise your space could be left feeling awkward. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be complicated. Most carpeting is made in neutral tones, which makes coordinating with window treatments and other décor pieces fairly simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Hot or cold?

While most people think of neutral colors as their own separate category, they are still covered under the broader categories of warm and cool colors. Even if your carpet is not red or blue, it could still have warm or cool tones, so that is something to be aware of when choosing window treatments for that space. If your carpet is a cool grey, a bright, warm orange shade would look dissonant. Similarly, if your carpet is a warm taupe, you wouldn’t want chilly blue blinds, either. Keep the tone of your décor consistent and you’ll find yourself with a balanced space.

Accent or complement?

You can have a balanced space in a number of ways outside of just coordinating color palettes. You also need to determine what relationship your carpet and window treatments are going to have with each other: is one going to accent or complement the other? While similar, these are two different approaches. If you want one to be an accent, that piece would be bolder, either in color, design, or both. If you want the pieces to be complementary, they would look more similar. There is no right approach to coordinating your window treatments and carpeting, and both accenting and complementary strategies can work beautifully.

One easy way to make sure your window treatments and carpeting go together is to buy them both in the same place. Luckily for you, at Nest Expressions you can do just that. Visit us at our showroom in Wexford, PA to find the perfect window treatments and carpeting for your home. We also proudly serve Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields, Cranberry Township, Gibsonia, Allison Park, and the surrounding areas.

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