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Are Motorized Blinds Right for Your Home

Motorized window treatments can seem like the ultimate in luxury: window treatments so technologically advanced that you don’t even have to control them manually. This can make motorized window treatments seem like something that only the wealthiest and most technologically savvy
homeowners could need. However, the window treatment professionals at Nest Expressions in Wexford, Pennsylvania are here to tell you why motorized Hunter Douglas window
treatments are a great choice for any homeowner.


Constantly having to keep up with how technology is evolving can be daunting, and operating motorized window treatments can seem like yet another skill you’ll have to learn. However, Hunter Douglas strives to make their motorized window treatments as easy to use as possible. Hunter Douglas provides you with three easy-to-use options for operating your motorized blinds or shades: the Pebble Remote Control, the Pebble Scene Controller, and the PowerView® app. The Pebble Remote Control and the Pebble Scene Controller are designed similarly to a traditional remote control, but with more functionality and an updated, modern design. For added simplicity, however, you can download the PowerView® app onto your smartphone or tablet, so that your motorized window treatments can be controlled from wherever you are as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.


One advantage you may not have considered for motorized window treatments is how much safer they can make your home. Because they are controlled from a remote or the PowerView® app, motorized blinds and shades don’t have any dangling cords. These cords are a prime target for small children and pets, and can serve to endanger them as well as your window treatments. Motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas get rid of the cords altogether, keeping your family safe while making your life more convenient.


Perhaps the greatest draw of motorized window treatments is the ease they afford. We all lead busy lives, and having to constantly adjust our window treatments is just one more thing to put on our plates. With Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorization system, your window treatments can be adjusted from anywhere in your home, or even anywhere in the world. If want even more ease, they can also be programmed to raise and lower at specific times or days, or synchronized with your local sunrise and sunset times, so that you will never have to adjust your window treatments again.

We hope we have convinced you of the many benefits of motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas. If we have, please stop by our showroom in Wexford, Pennsylvania today and let one of our friendly professionals guide you through purchasing motorized shades or blinds for your home. We also proudly serve Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township, and the surrounding areas.

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