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Cork Flooring Pittsburgh Cork Flooring Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Cork Flooring Company, Nest Expressions, we recently installed a floating cork flooring system in a historic home. This client was interested in a flooring product that would enhance the original character of the home, while at the same time provide a warm, soft, comfortable work area for her kitchen. Natural Cork flooring was the perfect solution.

Since the early 1900’s, Cork has been used as an alternative surface flooring. By constantly utilizing advanced technologies, Natural CORK continues to improve durability, simplify maintenance, and develop new patterns and colors to satisfy current design trends suitable for a variety of flooring needs.

Cork flooring is a healthy choice and good investment that when properly maintained, will last for generations. Comprised of a renewable natural material, cork is environmentally friendly and it promotes improved health and comfort for human indoor living. In our homes, cork floors create a warm, comfortable, resilient surface that is gentle underfoot, is anti-microbial, fire-resistant, and is inherently resistant to molds, mildews, and common pests such as termites.

Cork Flooring Pittsburgh

Natural Cork products offer a combination of benefits that no other floor covering can match:

The Natural Cork flooring from Nest Expressions is protected with 5 coats of durable UV cured acrylic finish.

Cork provides a comfortable cushion underfoot and bounces back, so recovery from marks caused by furniture will leave minimal residual indentation.

Fire Resistant
Cork is a fire inhibitor and will not spread flame. Cork also does not release toxic gasses on combustion.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulator
Made up of over 100 million prism shaped cells per cubic inch, each one filled with air, cork inhibits the conduction of temperature and sound. Cork floors reduce impact noise, a great asset for applications such as multi-level housing, office spaces, museums and places of worship.

Anti-microbial and Insect Repellent
Suberin, an inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect repellent. Even termites are kept away. Cork is anti-microbial and is resistant to mold and mildew. If allergies are a problem, yet you enjoy the comfort and warmth of carpet, cork is the ideal alternative.

Nest Expressions Natural Cork product line presents consumers with the highest quality cork flooring available on the market today. Call 724-449-1100  or email and schedule an in-home consultation and browsing appointment and we will bring our selections of cork to the comfort of your home!