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Select the perfect custom window treatments for your specific style of window.

pirouette825Did you just recently purchase a new home? Perhaps you are looking for a quick and affordable way to give your home an update. Either way, it is time to consider purchasing new window treatments for your home. Window treatments add style and privacy to a room.  But, what type of window treatments are the best fit for your home?  Well, this often depends on the type of windows you have.

Casement Windows

Often placed behind hard to reach areas, casement windows are hinged at the sides and swing open wide. The best type of window treatment to choose for these type of windows is one that is hung outside of the frame, such as custom drapery. Wood blinds that are mounted outside the window are a perfect option for casement windows and make quite a statement.

Single and Double-Hung Windows

Single hung windows are classic windows that raise up from the bottom. Double hung windows are similar except that they can also be lowered from the top. A lovely way to accent both of these types of windows is with custom roman shades. One of the best roman shades available is the Vignette Roman Shade, sold at Nest Expressions. These shades provide a sophisticated aesthetic.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally from one side. These should have outside mounted shades, curtains or custom top treatments. Roman shades are a good option for sliding windows and lend a classy, clean appearance to any room.

Bow windows

Bow windows consist of four or more windows joined together to form a curve. These look best with custom drapes or curtain panels on a curved rod. The Hunter Douglas Pirouette window treatments from Nest Expressions are a good choice for bow windows. They combine the elegance of a sheer window treatment with the convenience of a shade.

Bay windows

Bay windows are fixed in the center with adjoining side windows that are typically vented. Roman or honeycomb shades are both good choices for bay windows. The Hunter Douglas Silhouette window treatments are a great option for bay windows. Bay windows often look out over a great view. The Silhouette window treatments offer an unparalleled view and come in a variety of vane sizes and fabrics.

Custom window treatments can accent your style of window perfectly. For assistance in finding the perfect custom window treatment for your window, contact Nest Expressions. Their design experts can help you find the ideal solution for your home.