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Duette® Honeycomb Shades

We are all looking for ways to be more energy-efficient and technologically advanced in our homes. But what if we told you that your window treatments could also save you money on your energy bill? This may sound odd, but Hunter Douglas’s selection of honeycomb shades can do just that!

Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb shades may be hard to find in Pittsburgh, but at Nest Expressions, we carry the entire line of Hunter Douglas, including the industry’s most energy-efficient window treatments — Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades!

It is a known fact that windows lose heat during the wintertime. Although the last thing we want to do is block out sunshine in the winter, the Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb shade accomplishes both goals of blocking out the cold, while letting in the warmth of the sun. Because of the cellular construction, Honeycomb shades are one of the most energy-efficient window coverings on the market, making them ideal for the Pittsburgh climate.

Hunter Douglas’ newest Duette® shade, Architella®, is assembled using a patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction for ultimate energy efficiency.  A single layer of glass has a heat retention value of .88. Adding an Architella® Honeycomb shade will increase the retention value to as much as 4.8! In addition, Architella® Honeycombs are available with the literise cordless feature to eliminate unsightly dangling cords and increase safety for small children and pets.

Honeycomb shades are about more than just efficiency, however. At Nest Expressions, we are here to help you find cellular shades for your home that are as beautiful as they are energy efficient. The design of all of Hunter Douglas’s honeycomb shades are striking and futuristic, but depending on the specific style you buy, honeycomb shades can also blend in seamlessly with the other window treatments in your home! With the Duette® shades offering opacities ranging from sheer to almost totally opaque, and the streamlined selection of the Applause® line all blend in naturally with the décor of any room, while the unique designs of the Alustra® collection are sure to draw eyes for any particularly bold homeowners. No matter what your personal style is, however, there is sure to be a perfect set of Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades for you.

Is this still not futuristic enough for you? Then you’re in luck! Many of Hunter Douglas’s honeycomb shades are also available with PowerView® motorization. This revolutionary system can make your already efficient honeycomb shades even more advanced, allowing you to sync your shades to local sunrise and sunset times, automatically blocking the sun’s rays during the hottest times of the day and further allowing you to keep your home’s temperature consistent and comfortable. And, on top of all of this, PowerView® is incredibly convenient, allowing you to control your shades with the tap of a button on the Pebble Remote Control or the touch of a screen by downloading the PowerView® app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades are a practical, yet fashionable selection for any Pittsburgh homeowner! Whether you have already found the perfect honeycomb shades for your home, or you still have more questions, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Nest Expressions. We would love to help you find the ideal honeycomb shades for your home in the Pittsburgh area. We are located in Wexford, PA, but we also proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township.