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Roman Shade Styles

Roman Shade window treatments are both timeless and elegant and can complement any room. When shopping for Roman Shade window fashions, there are many things to consider.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades

The first consideration is the window treatment fabric fold and the main configurations are listed below.

  • Batten Front Roman Shades: Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman Shades feature battens, or tunnels, that are sewn at regular intervals on the front side of the shade. This style is best for patterns since the battens on the front won’t be a distraction.
  • Batten Back Roman Shades: Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ window treatments are also available in Batten Back style. That means that the battens are inverted, creating a softer look when lowered and crisper folds when raised. This style works well with solid fabrics and/or small textures.
Hunter Douglas Solera® Window Treatments

If you are looking for a Roman Shade that has more cellular construction, Hunter Douglas offers an innovative and unique option called Solera® which is essentially a Roman Shade and a Cellular Shade in one! The soft folds of the Solera® cell construction add an extra layer of insulation to the window, which ultimately creates a more energy-efficient window covering while maintaining the elegant and classic look of a Roman Shade.

Perhaps you are concerned with cords being exposed and think that the Roman Shade option might not be for you. Hunter Douglas Vignette® takes the Roman shade concept to the next level with both rolling and stacking options. The rolling style has no internal lift cords and the fabric shade seamlessly rolls into the headrail. The stacking style has no exposed cords to create an uncluttered and sophisticated look. Both of these Roman Shade options create enhanced safety in homes with children and pets.

All of Hunter Douglas’ Roman Shades are available in a variety of fashion-forward fabrics and come with innovative operating system options. To learn more about Roman Shade Window Treatments or to schedule a free consultation please contact us today, we’d love to share more with you.