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The Benefits of Sheer Shadings

When you were choosing window treatments for your home, did you find yourself torn between harder window treatments like blinds or shades and draperies? It’s a more common problem than you would think, particularly with the fantastic selection of both hard window treatments and custom draperies from Nest Expressions. But we’ve got some fantastic news: you no longer have to compromise. Although you certainly can get custom draperies or top treatments to go with your harder window treatments, there is also something that can allow you to have the best of both worlds: sheer shadings from Hunter Douglas. If you are interested and would like to learn more, the professionals here at Nest Expressions in Wexford, Pennsylvania are here to tell you about the many benefits of Hunter Douglas’ sheer shadings.

Hunter Douglas Sheer Shadings in Wexford, PA


Perhaps the biggest benefit to Hunter Douglas’ sheer shadings is their fantastic light diffusing quality. Rather than window treatments like blinds or shutters that block light coming in from outside, sheer shadings actually filter light, so you are still getting light into your home, but without the harshness of unobstructed sunlight.


One downside to most traditional window treatments is that in order to achieve light control, you also have to block your view to the outside. For many of us, our view is one of the major reasons we purchased our home, and so you want to make sure that you get as much out of it as possible. With sheer shadings form Hunter Douglas, the vanes of the shade, even when entirely open, have sheer fabric panels on either side, so that you can achieve a degree of light control without blocking your beautiful view.


The unique construction of Hunter Douglas’ sheer shadings provide for an unprecedented level of light control variation. Because of their unique combination of flexible fabric vanes and sheer fabric panels, your sheer shadings can provide as much or as little light control as your home needs. Whether you want the beautiful light filtration of the Silhouette® shade or the more total control and privacy of the Pirouette® shade, Hunter Douglas has a sheer shading that would be perfect for your home. And, if you’ve got wider windows or a sliding glass door in your home, never fear, Hunter Douglas still has you covered. The Luminette® shade has the same vertical orientation as a vertical blind, but with the light diffusion of a sheer shading.

Have we convinced you that sheer shadings from Hunter Douglas would be a great fit for your home? If we have, then do not hesitate to contact Nest Expressions, or visit our showroom in Wexford, Pennsylvania today to let our friendly professionals help you find the perfect set for your home. We also proudly serve the surrounding areas, including Pittsburgh, Sewickley, Mars, Seven Fields and Cranberry Township.